The Outplacement Process

The outplacement process consists of three phases.

Phase 1 Forming an impression
This phase deals with the following questions:

  • What motivates the candidate?
  • What is the candidate passionate about?
  • What is the candidate’s work-life balance?
  • What knowledge and work experience does the candidate have?
  • How well does the candidate handle change?
  • What does the candidate carry in his or her backpack, socially/emotionally?
  • What are the candidate’s physical limitations, if any?

I put a lot of effort into obtaining a clear profile of the candidate. After all, the clearer the profile, the more likely the candidate can find a suitable job.  

Phase 2 Looking for a job
The following are important when seeking and finding a suitable job:

  • Job market analysis
  • Exploring the job market
  • Candidate’s presentation
  • Job interview training

Once the candidate’s profile is clear, the following question arises: Where does he or she find the best entrance into the job market. This is why it is important to thoroughly map out the job market. What kinds of companies are there in the area? What kinds of job openings are there? What is the company culture? Is the company easily accessible?

Phase 3 Getting started!

  • Finding a new and suitable work environment

Iit is important to create an entry into those companies with opportunities for work with the aid of my network.
If the candidate is invited for a job interview with a potential employer, it is important for the candidate to know how to present himself and to know how to steer an interview in the right direction.