Where does the name Roffel come from?

At one point I thought it was time to change my company’s name. I needed a catchy name, which clearly illustrated the essence of my work. But, what exactly is the essence of my work? What is the common theme? Looking back at five wonderful years, I came to the conclusion that the same four words kept coming back. Movement, development, values and responsibility.

It reminded me of a certificate my eldest son once brought home. That certificate referred to The Drummer, a fairy tale by Herman Grimm. A brief summary: a little boy finds a handkerchief that belongs to a princess and he decides to go and rescue her.  Once he enters the forest of the giants, he begins to beat a drum roll. The giant whom is awoken from his slumber says to the boy that he will eat the boy and the drum. However, the boy bravely responds: if I don’t come home tonight, 1000 little men will come with a drum and you will never be able to sleep again! They become friends and live happily ever after.
This tale gave me the idea to name my company Roffel (Dutch for drum roll). Beating a drum roll to be alert, to wake up and to get people moving. Because that is the essence of my work as an outplacement coach!